Monday, January 13, 2014


Here's the brown and blue heart rug that I showed you in a previous post. I finally got it steamed today. It's approx. 10" X 17"
I would look great on an old bench or table!!!
Asking $125.00 which includes shipping.

This rug below is what I'd like your opinion on. When I started hooking it my original plan was to make it into a pillow.

But now I wonder if I should just bind it as a rug/mat. It's approx. 10" X 13".
So what's your opinion please, rug or pillow???
Ya know how on Meshe's B-day you were commenting on how cute & sweet she is??? Well let me tell you what that cute little Yorkshire terrorist did to me last nite!!! I was getting out some yarn and looking for my patterns to crochet a sweater or poncho. I was also warming up something to eat on the stove. In other words busy and not paying attention to what Meshe was doing. Well I 1st saw that she had taken my Sharpie pen,got that back and that's when I saw the WHOLE skein of yarn TOTALLY unraveled laying all over the floor near my bedroom!!!! OMG I was SO mad at her!!! It was already almost 11 so after I ate I tried to start rolling up the yarn. Had a heck of a time just finding an end!!!! Oh and did she ever know that I was mad at her!!!! We went to bed and I told her NOT to come cuddling up to me I didn't want her by me. She went to the end of the bed and kept inching her way up,but not to my neck and chest where she usually is. Oh I was so mad at her yesterday. Those were her bigger things,but she was bad all day!!! Today,not so bad cause I keep telling her how mad mommy was at her,especially this morning when I got back to spending so much time unraveling the mess of yarn. She's a handful!!!!
Thanks For Stopping Buy and your pillow or rug opinions!!!!
Sherry & The Little Meshe Terror.....OUT


  1. oh what a naughty puppy! You are always so busy I like your rug good luck selling your other one.

  2. Have to keep working Cathy to help support myself. Since you said that you like my rug,does that mean you think it should be a rug and not a pillow??
    Thank You!!!

  3. AAAHAHAHAAA just noticed what I wrote up there under the rug: "I would look great on an old bench or table". Well I'm old so maybe I would and I'm not correcting it!!!!

  4. I say pillow. Just becme a new follower. Janice

  5. Thank You Janice for becoming a follower and your opinion. I appreciate both!!!!

  6. I'm not much help cause I think it's wonderful and would be great either way !!! I love the colors.
    And oooh, I had to laugh( sorry ) but naughty puppies are sooo loveAble.

  7. I vote pillow. Naughty puppy, LOL!

  8. Bad Meshe but I'm sure all is forgiven. I say rug because I know I would never sew it in to a!
    Hugs :)

  9. Thanks Lauren,still not sure. Yes Meshe's been pretty good today,BUT the day's not over yet!!! She steals all my floss too and unravels and takes the color # labels off!!! Actually EVERYTHING I have is fair game for Meshe!!!!

  10. hello, your works are wonderful, I'd love to be so good! whether you should take a look at my fashion blog maybe we could follow each other! kiss

  11. do you sell your patterns anywhere? I just found your blog, LOVE YOUR STUFF :)


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