Friday, January 3, 2014

New rug off the frame!! Yup it's a heart,but not just for Valentine,s Day!! It would look great all year round,especially hanging on an old cupboard door. It's approx.11 1/2" X 21". $168.00 with FREE Shipping.

This hooked Snowman doll is 13 1/2"tall and heavily weighted to stand on his own.
He's wearing a wool scarf and a hand stitched top hat that gives him a real Gentleman look that makes you want to call him, Mr. Snowman!! All the buttons are antique. If you look real close you'll see that a little crow that I made from Sculpey has taken residence in a little nest filled with moss and REAL feathers on Mr. Snowman's stick arm.

Mr. Snowman is $79.00 which INCLUDES Shipping

I used to bring out all the snowmen AFTER the Christmas decorations were all put away to hang out till Spring.
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