Monday, August 25, 2008


I got my Autumn 2008 issue of Mercantile Gathereings and my friend Jackie Schmidt is,
TA DA THE FEATURED DESIGNER!!!!!! Some of you may have bought her dolls or her patterns. They're so neat!!! The pictures in the magazine of lots of her creations are SOOOO NEAT!!!!!
I have many of her patterns.One of them has been laying here ALMOST finished for months!!!!! That's pretty normal for me. I usually have at least 153 items laying around here ALMOST finished!!!!! Anyhoo this angel doll is based on one of Jackie's patterns. As usual I had to kinda do my thing with her. I know who she is. She's
Le Fleur Angel!!!! I decided to needle punch her wings,so I drew a design. I also thought she needs a flower garland to hold. So I needle punched a flower. She does have a purplish/blue hand dyed wool dress on. Her face is stitched too. I just can't decide what to put on her head. I REALLY should finish her huh?????

Well SHOOT this was supposed to be about Jackie!!!!! I write like I talk,too much I guess!!!!

So anyhoo I really want to Congratulate Jackie & say,I'm proud of ya my friend!!!!!

Well it dawned on me that I should have given her info,DUH!!!! So here it is:
T.C.F. FOLK ART ~ Jackie's Ebay ID: dmvstfc

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday I FINALLY got this guy finished & listed. Took me forever to list him last nite. But I'm ALWAYS determined,even skipped supper!!!! It was about 10:30 p.m. when I finished,almost bedtime. Oh how I wish that I could find a wonderful little Fairy,
(I always loved Fairies!! Even made gardens for them.) anyhoo,back to the subject,who would take all the pictures of my finished work,then list the auction,then when it's sold pack it up nice for the husband to take to the P.O.!!!!!
Did ya notice that here on my blog I have a Fairy picture of the day??? That's cause I'm waiting for one of them to turn up here to do the above mentioned work so I can just create!!!!!!

But I digress,as usual. Back to "Black Jack". He's a card shark ya know.looks innocent enough,but don't trust him!!!!!!
He's only a 3 day auction. I'm posting the link to my auctions here,but it never seems to work. So if it doesn't try the links down on the right if you like to go see AND if you do,I thank you!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm the leader of our rug hooking group,PRHG & co-leader of BLESTB. So every Sunday a.m. I like to start a post on each group of WHATCHA DOIN' 8/17 ~ 8/23?????
So when I put that on the groups this a.m. I thought,"Where's August goin' already"

I thought is it just me that thinks time seems to speed by faster than I can keep up with it. Is it my age????? The older ya get the faster it goes?????

Remember when you were a kid,it felt like it took FOREVER for the different hollidays to get here??????? Why can't it always stay like that????? Besides everything goin' South on your body & all the extra aches & pains,is it just another of those cruel quirks of ageing that comes upon us over night????? HMMMMM

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, The Eclectic Halloween Artists' ebay group that I'm a very proud member of Is having a themed auction,which actually started yesterday,August 15th. But some of us haven't listed anything for it yet. Including your's truly!!!!! Sooooo you have to keep checking back to the auctions all week!!!! I know some won't be listing till tomorrow nite. Me??? I dunno!!!! I don't have a plan yet,as usual LOL!!!!!!
BUT ya need to go look now cause there's some fantastically wonderful & spoooooky art already listed!!!!! The talent of this group will simply amaze and astound you!!!

To see you can type EHAG in your ebay search bar Or click on the auction link at the left.
I've also added our EHAG blog to my list today that you can check out too!!!!!!
I sure hope I get something listed!!!!!!!! But don't forget to keep checking EHAG all week!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Miss Jackie Lynn Pumkinney

Remember awhile back when I posted the picture of this needle punch dolly on my frame?? Well I FINALLY got her finished yesterday & listed last nite!!!! I'm really proud of her!!!! I'd keep her out all year round,cause she's such a "Sweetie"!!!!
Hope ya like her!!!!!! I couldn't get the link for her to work, but if you scroll down on your left,you can click on by ebay autions & there she'll be!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My Dear friend Megan Wommack (I call her Nutmeg)and her 7 yr daughter,Chloe collaberated to create this wonderful pattern book. Chloe would draw,bring them to mom & mom would tweek them a bit to adapt them to a pattern. Nutmeg hooked the rug shown from Chole's drawing above. And you can too!!!!!!
It's such a neat little pattern book,but with Nutmeg's talent for writing I told her that I think it should also be made into a story book!!!!!!

This pattern booklet is listed on ebay right now just click on the link & go grab it up,cause this is their 1st and I'm tellin' ya,they're gonna be famous one day!!!!!!
I KNOW this cause of my Hungarian ESP!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Not quite sure when I actually started to feel sad on my BD. Was it last year,when I turned 60???? I dunno,can't remember. Now my body is 89 + 3 months!!!! I know this because I took an online test one day that told me this. Actually it said I should be dead!!!!!! And of course it MUST be accurate cause I took it on the internet & NOTHING is EVER screwed up on the world wide web!!!!!!!

Why be sad on my BD you ask???? Well,I'll tell you why. Cuz 364 days a year in my mind I'm 20!!!!! Then, WOOP there it is on the calendar August 4th to remind me how old I REALLY am. HOW does that happen?????? Yesterday I was 20,I swear I was!!!!!

But I've sure had some wonderful,sweet & loving BD wishes from my online friends and that's truly THE BESTEST present!!!!!!

Oh and John,that's the husband,is at the store right now,told him to get me some toothpaste. He asked,is that your BD present???? I said yup,so I want the top shelf stuff!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!! he should be back soon!!!!!!

BTW way,today being my BD & all is a good day to tell you that my friends call me The Queen. Clear back to 1991. Ya see the Queen Mum's (ya know the old lady)BD was the same day as mine,so when she died somebody had to take over!!!!! It also has to do with some Bingo games I've played!!!!!

Well,I think I'm done,I'm sure I've bored you to tears by now,that is IF you decided to read my yada yada!!!!!
The Queen