Sunday, March 21, 2010


All of the sudden yesterday as I was going through my usual rounds on the puter,I set it down and thought,I'm going to call Marlene.
We've known each other since grade school. I haven't seen or talked to her in about 4 years.
Very few people around here know how sick I am and I'm not someone who will call just to complain or have to share bad news. Especially when I haven't talked to them in a very long time.

Don't know what happened yesterday that made me all of the sudden get up and get her number from my book and call her. Maybe God gave me a kick in the butt?????

She was so happy to hear from me. She said she thinks about me often. Right away without hesitation she said,can I call you next week and come over and do somethings for you???? Ah, you can call me,BUT I don't want you to see me or this house!!! She said, Sherry,it's me,you know I don't care!!!! She's always been the one all these years ago when things started going so bad for us,that would lecture me about accepting help. I've never been good at that. I'd rather be the HELPER not the HELPEE. One day she had said,you've always done so much for others,why don't you let us have the priviledge of helping you???? WOW that had brought tears to my eyes,cause I've never felt that I did enough for others.

But anyhoo the point of all this is,we all are so busy,and time goes by so fast and you think of a friend,usually when we're busy doing something else. We think,oh I should give them a call,but we go on and forget so more time goes by.

Friends mean the world to me and they're so important in our life journey,we don't forget them,but maybe we don't always connect with them in our busy-ness as often as we should.

Is there a friend in your life that you could make happy today,to let them know you're thinking of them?????


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