Thursday, March 11, 2010


The newest rug created from my drug and pain induced hooking!!!!

What can I say???? I guess this is a rug that people will either love or say,what was she thinking!!!!

Well John REALLY likes it!!!! Although that's kinda scary cause he has some pretty strange taste sometimes.

Guess all I can really say is that I did my best and put my heart into it just like I do with everything I make.

It's on ebay if you'd like to see more pictures. There's an ebay button over on the right.

So, what to do today!!! There are many nekked dolls to make clothes for, some that are dressed but need finishing work, there's needle punch needing the finish work,there's a sampler sitting here on my footstool more than half done,there's lots of wool calling to me too. I did just take a pain pill though,so maybe I should answer the call of the wool again,hmmmmmm!!!!!!!



  1. Your rug turned out so darling. Hope you have a good day today. :)Ginger

  2. Sherry ~
    Very sweet. I bet you are the chick on the right telling the other two what to do! Isn't that what being queen is all about?
    Hope your day is going well.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. I like your chickie rug! Best wishes for many bids.

  4. Love your chickie rug! It is full of energy!

    Hope all your stuff comes back. Julie probably wouldn't mind...but you gotta ask her. :)

  5. I LOVE this rug! It's perfect!!!! Wish I could help you with your blog but I'm not real blog savvy. Oh Julie....


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