Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TA DAH!!!!!


Well if you've read my ramblings at all on this blog then you know I'm always saying that I have tons of stuff around here NOT finished.

I had a minor break through yesterday. I TOTALLY finished something and listed it on ebay last nite!!!!!!

This olde Hare is a needle punch pattern by Wendy of Pine Berry Lane. I guess I punched him prolly almost a year ago and he's been sitting around waiting his turn to be finished. Just wasn't sure HOW I wanted to finish him,the way Wendy did it in the pattern or my own way. So yesterday my own way won and The Olde Hare got finished and he's listed on ebay right now!!!! I might add that it's the ONLY thing I got done yesterday,but at least it was something!!!! If you'd like to take a closer look at him, you can click on my ebay button over on the right side. And I Thank You!!!!!

Don't know what's up for today, but I do have 4 of my original 3-D chicks hooked,that I wish were done,but there's a lot of finishing work that I do on them,so I'm not sure if it'll be their turn today or not. Hells bells it's already after 12 and all I've done so far is be on this puter and talk to Julie when she called. Boy you sure can get lead from one thing to the next on the puter,can't you and before you know it hours have gone by and ya haven't even brushed your teeth yet LOL!!!!!!

Here's to everybody being productive today (and that includes ME)!!!!!!!



  1. Sherry ~
    That finish was worth waiting a year to see. Very sweet!
    I know what you mean about wasting WAAAAAYYYYY to much time on the computer. I'm guilty of that several times a day.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I love the rabbit punch, he is way cute. I hate to get started on the computer 'cause it takes me forever to get off of it. Keep up your steady pace and you will get your stuff done in no time. (Millstone Mercantile)


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