Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sorry I HAD to do it!!! As an artist I Still have way too many ideas in my head of things to make and things to finish up!!! I MUST get these things out of my head!!!

So here's some things I just listed on ebay. Tomorrow I hope to have more!! I know,I know, I work slow and then there's that afternoon nap,even though things are still spinnin' in my head!!

This Santa was in my head and HAD to get out!!! I call him Pierre Noel. He got out,but I still want to make more!!!

Anyhoo I need some cheese & crackers and to get some work done before bedtime!!!


  1. Love all the work!!! But you just can't postpone Christmas!!!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank You Ginger and Robin!!!
    Well I could postpone Christmas,but since I felt so pooped yesterday and didn't get anything finished,I guess I won't.
    So everybody go ahead and carry on with what you were doing!!!


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