Friday, December 24, 2010


I finished Belsnickle!! It's a Design by Maria Barton. Thanks again Maria!!!
I decided to use some very old roving that I have to hook his beard. I really like how it looks.
Is there anyone else out there who doesn't have a tree and not doing anything this night before??? Or that Christmas makes you feel sad??? I have enjoyed looking at blogs and picture trails of everybody's decorating and reading about people's plans to celebrate Christmas.Before my body went to pot,you could take a tour of my house inside and out of all the decorating I did LOL!!!
I have to think that there must be other people out there that feel sad. Is there??
Since Christmas 1957 when I was 10,there's always been a sadness in my heart that I've never gotten over,but never let anyone else see,even on the other 364 days of the year.My mom had been sick and that Christmas night my mom became delirious. My sister (she's gone too)and I were crying in our bedroom and my mom kept saying over and over,save a nickle for my flowers.My dad (he's gone too)took her to the hospital and she was gone the next day.I don't remember at all what I did. Being a kid,did I play with new Christmas toys,I don't know. All I remember is that when they took me to that dark old funeral home and I saw her,I screamed and cried and wouldn't go back in that room for the 3 days of the showing.That's how they did it back in those days.We had a big snowstorm then too,but I remember the very long line of cars going to the church and then the cemetary.Lots of people knew my mom and dad and they were very social.Very often they'd get dressed up,my mom in a beautiful dress with a full swirling skirt,and they'd go dancing at the Polish Club or the American Legion.
She was 39 years old and died from a brain tumor.My sister said that she kept telling the Dr. that she had it,but you know how well Dr.s listen to women.He told her to get a hobby.She insisted and kept telling him,also telling him that her mother died of a brain tumor,at 39.Well the autopsy showed that it was a brain tumor,very large and even back then they could have operated because unlike mine,which is the same type of tumor,hers was in a place where they could have removed it.
So anyway there's not all the hoopla that there used to be.We just can't do it all anymore. John went to bed at 9,he's there most of the time now.
AND I guess the powers that be at the TV stations don't seem to think anybody's watching TV!!! There's not diddly on,not even on FA LA LA LA LIFETIME that I haven't seen 50 times!!!
Oh well,maybe some will envy me,cause I'll be hooking!!!!



  1. Hi Sherry- I too feel a sadness at Christmas time- my passed away three years ago a week before Christmas and It has not been the same. I did not realize what your health problems were until tonight- not sure what your husband are but hopefully the new year will bring something positive to both of you. My hubby just went to bed and I was going to cross stitch but I am out of the mood now.
    While you are hooking know that I am thinking of you and hopefully on Sunday the sadness will be over for both of us, I hope you post a pic of what you are hooking. I love the Santa!!

  2. Hi Sherry, your Belsnickle is a treasure, love it. Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your inspiration as you blog along. Merry Christmas to you and may the world be kind to sweet you in 2011:)

  3. Deb,I'm so sorry about your Mom,but please remember that you have something more precious than gold,your memories of her.That's what I'm lacking,I was too young to have many memories and since I'm the only one left in my immediate family,there's no one to talk to about her. Regarding our health,I'm an open book,no reason not to be.John was a Fireman and long ago he was in a backdraft that caused chemical burns to his lungs.He's almost died 3 times,twice this past year.He's on oxygen 24/7 and can no longer do very much.As for me I have MS,an inoperable brain tumor and several arteries that are blocked to my colon and intestines.They want to remove my colon and some of my intestine,but I won't do it.I know that I'll be worse off than I am and I want to just stay as I am and do my work and talk to my Dear friends.So I just take my narcotics throughout the day to keep me below screaming level,LOL and do my work!!!

    Sue,Bless you and thank you so much for your very kind words!!! As Popeye would say,I am what I am LOL!!!!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas Sherry...I'm so sorry to hear about you and your husbands health problems...also, what an awful Christmas memory you have of your mother dying, I'm so sorry...I am in my fifties, an only child, my father died from cancer when I was four, and my mother died suddenly five years ago...neither near Christmas, both in I really dislike that month...I also feel sad on Christmas because my husband and two grown boys consider it just another day so it is just me trying to create a festive atmosphere for myself...I love the hooked Belsnickle you just finished, he's awesome!


  5. Hi Janet!!! Thank you for posting.I'm so sorry for your loss of Dad and Mom.
    Guess what,I'm 63 and I STILL want a Mom!!!
    I am so happy to read that you still create a festive atmosphere even if you say that it is just for youself!!!You say that your husband and sons don't care,BUT I bet if you didn't do it you'd find out that they DO care and they'd find that out too and probably be very surprised about it!!
    I would still be decorating like I used to,if I physically could.To me there was always something magical about all the lights,especially if it was snowing,like it is here now!!!
    God Bless and look around you smile and enjoy your festive atmosphere!!!!

  6. Hi Sherry,
    I sent you an email last night and realized I forgot to tell you how much I like that Belsnickle Rug! It is wonderful!
    Hoping you are finding comfort in the hooking and keeping your spirits up!
    Cathy g

  7. Hi Cathy,I didn't get an email from you. With Santa flyin' around last nite maybe he crashed into some of the emails being sent!!! Could you please send it again???
    Actually I haven't been hooking today. Just got up of the couch,old lazy butt,so I was just thinkin' about what to hook.
    Glad you like my Belsnickle rug!!!

  8. Hi Sherry,
    Sorry I haven't been here in some time...I haven't been on any blogs for that matter.

    I wish each and every one of us didn't have sad memories at this time of year and that all the illness would go away for just awhile (trying to be realistic so just asking 'for a little while'

    I lost my mom when she was 49 of cancer so I understand the loss and sadness.

    Now...onto your beautiful work Sherry - I love each and every piece you do.
    I wish we lived closer to get some hooking tips from you - we'd have so much fun sitting and hooking!

    Belated Merry Christmas Sherry.
    Hugs, Karen

  9. Sherry ~
    I hope you and John found some peace this Christmas!!!
    Hugs :)

  10. THANK YOU KAREN!!! So many people tell me that they wished they lived closer to me and I wish it could be true!!! Hookin' Tips??? I'm here just ask,I'd be happy to help you anyway that I can!!!
    THANK YOU LAUREN!!! I'm hopin' we'll find some peace in 2011!!!!!


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