Friday, October 29, 2010


Mobile Mutts came Monday to groom Sissy,the 2lb Yorhshire Terrorist. She does not like being groomed one little bit!!!! So we spend the day telling her how pretty she is. I wanted her to sit in the toy wheelbarrow so I could take her picture. I've never seen that evil eye look before. Maybe she does it behind my back,when she's thinkin',1st she makes me get groomed,then she puts me in this silly wheelbarrow and tells me to smile (she really does smile). I don't think so!

Mom, can I get down now????

I did hook a Turkey rug. It's on ebay right now if you'd like to take a look.

I'm workin' on another rug that I hope to get done very soon and listed on ebay.

Ya know if I list more than one picture at a time,they NEVER come out in the order I want them to. I just don't get it!!!! Well I guess you'll figure it out that they're totally in the wrong order that I meant for them to be. Guess I'm doin' good just to get something posted LOL!!!!


See I forgot to post the picture of my Turkey rug SHOOT!!! Now I guess that will come up 1st.

OK, here's the order that I WANTED these pictures to be in,could you please just pretend that they are??? Cause I refuse to start over!!!!

1st:Sissy standing in the wheelbarrow,giving me the evil eye.

2nd:Sissy with her ears down (they seldom are) asking me to get her down now.

3rd my Turkey rug that's on ebay

Friday, October 22, 2010


I just finished this rug this afternoon. It's a runner, hit or miss style of course. I think it would look neat above a door too,don't ya think???

Well anyhoo I got it steamed and the pictures taken and I was pooped so it was rest time and I'm feelin' yucky. Time for a percocet and maybe a phenergan too for the sicky tummy.

But it's 8:30 and I don't have another rug ready to work on. That bums me out, cause even if I'm hurtin' I'm hookin' and there's nothing ready to hook!!!

It works best when I can just sit in my chair and pick up the frame and hook. Too much movin' around getting a design drawn up and wool picked out and cut. For those of you that have come here for awhile and know about my health (or lack of) problems no I'm not better and never will be. I'm still in constant pain and the 3 to 4 percocet that I take a day only keep me from screaming bloody murder!!!!

But anyhoo back to hookin'. I think I'll do some kind of turkey rug next. Just wish it was ready to go cause it's kinda late to get it all together now. Guess I'll just have to sit here,shoot. John would say good!!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I finished my rug Monday nite!! Steamed it yesterday (Tues.) and listed it on ebay.

It was kinda a difficult rug to hook. It's actually a beautiful needle punch pattern by Teresa Kogut that's only 5" X 5". I tripled the size,but with so many motifs and details everything was very close together. The finished rug is my 2nd try at enlarging it. The 1st time everything just seemed really too close together.

If I ever hooked this rug again,which I can pretty much be sure that I won't,I'd enlarge it much more than I did.

Well, hopefully,someone will feel that they can't live without this rug!!!! Even though it has a pumpkin on it,it's a rug that I'd keep hanging on a wall all year round,cause it has a good everyday message on it,"GIVE THANKS"

If you'd like a closer look,you can click on the ebay button over there on the right.

I'm already well into my next rug. It will be a runner.

Till next time


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Although I never left my house or my chair!!!!!

Lori Rippey called for our usual yada yada and I was hookin' while we talked and so was she.

It's not unusual that we were both workin' on something while we talk but she might be stitchin',etc.,etc. and I might be hand sewing,etc.,etc. This time we were hookin' at the same time. So I said Hey we're at a Hook In today we should post it on our blogs!!!! Lori said OK and I said you go first LOL!!!!! She's on to my teasin'!!!!!

So while we were still on the phone,I picked up my camera and took a picture of it right from the chair I'm sittin' in!!!!!

So here it is!!!!

Lori wanted to finish a tiny bit more before she takes her picture,so her's should be on her blog soon. At least it BETTER be LOL!!!!!!

I hope to have this rug done by Tuesday to list on ebay.

Might have to have another Hook In LOL!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Computer WIZ I AM NOT!!!

A few days ago I got this light bulb thought. You see I'm hooking these penny candle rugs. I've sold 2. They're really neat and I enjoy hooking them. So my bright idea was to put pictures of them on the left side of this blog and post that I'd take orders on them. Well as hard as I tried it just would not work!!! At one point they ended up on the right side with just a very small portion of the pictures showing,even though I had clicked on the thing that says,shrink to fit. So then I thought screw it,I don't have time to sit here an mess with this when it's just not working,so I deleted everything and went on my merry way and put them on my picturetrail and my Etsy store. DONE!!!!

Well not hardly. In the strange world of cyber space I began to notice that on other peoples blogs that have me on their favorites list,those partial pictures of the candle rugs was showing up. And not only that,but when you clicked on it the page comes up as error and not available.
I checked everywhere on my blog and that post was NOWHERE here just on everyone else's blogs!!!
So yesterday,when my friend Julie,Plum Run Creek, called I told her about it and she said it would stay out there until I put a new post up. So that's what I'm doing with this post I hope the weird one that's out there will disappear!!!!!

Last nite I got an email from a very sweet lady. She started out by saying that this was probably a bit awkward,but she's trying to find From Sherry's Heart and the candle rugs and can't find it,she even googled. When I wrote to her, she wrote back and said Sherry!!!! It's you???? She couldn't believe she had found me. She said that she was even going to email Lori Brechlin to see if she knew how to find me!!! LOL!!!! I hope with this new post that the weird one will totally disappear into cyber space where it belongs!!!!!

In the mean time my hooked penny candle rugs are on my picture trail. You can get there by going over to the right and scroll down and you'll find the link to click on. They're also in my Etsy shop which I DON'T have a link for on this blog and after this latest screw up I'm not even going to try to put a link up for it right now!!!!

The picture above is my latest listing on ebay. Now there is a link for ebay over on the right that you can click on to take a closer look. I really like this hooked bag,looks really cool hanging!!!

Well I hope I've undone the damage and all will be well now in Sherry's blog land!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!


Friday, October 8, 2010


After the miserable summer I had of being HOT HOT HOT all the time,think of a NEVER ending hot flash, I am LOVIN' this cool weather!!!!! Some people in this house don't agree with me,John. The other day he felt that he wanted the furnace on,just because it was in the low 40's. OH NO!!!!! So I went in my bedroom and closed the registers in there and in the Porta Potty (so called master bathroom Ha) had the window open and the ceiling fan on,aaahhhh.
There was one day that I actually did have on sweat pants, a t-shirt & sweatshirt jacket on. The sweatshirt jacket didn't stay on long though
So I've been hookin' & hookin' listing on ebay,packin' stuff to ship,still listing my vintage wool,etc.,etc. And doing my constant daily quest for a place to live. I VERY seldom leave the house,but I sure am busy all the time!!!! AND I just don't know why the time has to go WAY faster than I do!!!!!
So the 2 Hit or Miss rugs above are listed on ebay right now. If you'd like to take a look,you can click on the ebay button over on the right. THANK YOU!!!
Till Next Time