Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Rest For The Weary!!

I am working for that sweet little house pictured over there on the right!!!!
There's so many things around here in various stages of completion that you'd think 2 people were working here. Plus listing other things that I don't want to move to the new house. Those Dr.s orders everyday naps aren't working so well either!!! I'm tired,but if I do lay down I'm thinking about things to make and things to do,so I can't fall asleep. Oh well,I guess at least I lay down and rest for awhile.
John goes to the new house on Sundays. I don't go with him,not that I don't want to,I just don't want to get worn out doing that and not keep working. When he got home last Sunday,he told me that there's a sign up on it now that say's Sale Pending. I got all excited,he didn't understand,so I told him,that means it's off the market,so things must be going well. Now he walks around here and every so often he'll just say,"Sale Pending" LOL!!!!
So here's a couple new things I listed for sale.
Come Back Soon!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OFF Time Hooking

This is the BIG rug that I mentioned a few posts ago. The title of this post,OFF Time Hooking means that my idea was to work on this rug a little at a time between working on things to sell,like I should be doing. I keep it on my floor frame next to my chair. Some mornings,I'll be looking over at it and I hear it saying,hook me hook me and before I know it,it's bedtime and the only thing I've worked on is this rug!!! Yesterday was one of those mornings and the only way to shut it up was to pull it over and start hooking!!! So I'm hookin' away and my buddy,Lori Rippey called. After talkin' and hookin' for awhile I told her,time to move the rug to a new spot. She says,oh take a picture since you'll have it off the frame!!! But I never take it off the frame when I move it,it's too big and getting too heavy. I just usually lift and move a little at a time. I said OK I'll take it off and take a picture. I thought,it would be kinda nice to see it,since I haven't seen it either off the frame,I just keep hooking. I laid it out and said to Lori,oh I like it!!! Worked on the vase area yesterday,till bedtime of course and as much as I'd like to finish that part up,I've GOT to work on some things to sell.Shut Up rug Stop calling me!!!! I'll show more pics down the road as more gets finished. Boy do I ever dread steaming and binding it!!!!
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Monday, March 14, 2011


I think I set a record for myself for hooking a rug!!! I drew this one up Friday afternoon and finished hooking it Sunday afternoon about 3:00. Then steamed it and photographed it and layed down for awhile,cause I was pooped.
John had told me Saturday that he planned to go look around at the new house on Sunday. I told him that I had too much work to do,finishing the rug and work on binding the rabbit rug,but boy when he left I sure did feel a tug to go with him,but I was still in jammies hookin' and I didn't want to get myself worn out and not finish the rug. The Realtors are there on the week-ends with the houses open,but they've told me that if I want to go there during the week to just tell them and they'll meet us. I won't bother them for that since they're there on the week-end. I'm feeling very protective now though,I don't want people going through OUR house!!! They tell me that things are going very well with us buying this house. I should have been there almost 6 years ago. But no matter how hard you pray God knows best and it's in HIS time. Usually we don't know why,but this time I can come up with lots of reasons why we had to wait till this time and I know it's going to work out!!!!
You can see my new Chick Chick Chick rug on ebay if you'd like
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I just recently finished this rug and have it listed right now on ebay. Wasn't so easy to list because I love it!!! It's an antique chalkware rabbit,that's really a needle punch design by Jan Goos of Goos Nest. I bought the pattern last year because I thought it could be a really neat hooked rug and I think I was right. I hooked it to be 16" X 20" which is a great size for a table or the floor. One of the pictures that I took for my auction was on the floor in front of the open door of one of my antique cupboards and it really looked nice there.
I was actually out of the house on both Saturday and Sunday this past week-end!!!!!
That's more than I've been out in the past 6 months!!! Which is a good thing cause usually something happens to me when I do go out!!! We had to pick up my perscriptions for my pain meds and Vitamin D. Yup I have to have a scrip for Vitamin D because it's 50,000 units once a week. And the Percocet has to be a written scrip every month because it's a contolled substance. The REALLY REALLY sad thing is that we have to go through this rig-a-ma-row every month to get them and my daughter tells me they're all over at my grandson's middle school for a buck a piece. Isn't that sad??? WHY do these kids want to take these!!!!?????!!!!
Well anyhoo I digress,on with the rest of the story. There's a Dollar store next to the drug store and I wanted to go there cause I had a bunch of stuff I needed to get. So John dropped me off there and went on to the drug store to wait for my meds. He handed me $40,that's enough for the Dollar store RIGHT???? WRONG!!!! She rang up $60 !!!!!!! OH NO!!! She said,what do you want me to take out??? Well nothing!! I said I have to go out and get some more money from my husband. He wasn't out there yet!!!! I go back in the store,the line behind me has gotten very long and from the looks on their faces,they're none too happy with me and I'm ready to burst into to tears from embarrassment and pain cause I only had my cane and could hardly stand any longer. Then this wonderful,sweet black lady in the line reaches out $20 to me and says here take this,you look like an honest lady,I say yes,I am. Ready to burst into tears again from her extreme act of kindness,I pay my bill,leave my things in the store,tell the kind lady that I'll be right outside the door,waiting for my husband to come. FINALLY John got there when the lady just finished putting her things in her car and was bringing the cart back and John came. Got the $20 from him and had a buck in my pocket so I gave that to her too. God Bless Her!!! I have lived my life with the theory that what you do for others comes back to you and whether it does or not you're still blessed with the wonderful feeling that that you were able to help someone. I KNOW all this to be fact,cause no matter how bad that things have been,I have been Blessed more times than I can possibly ever count!!!!
Now for the reason that I was out on Saturday and Sunday I have found us a wonderful place to live and a life!!!! There will be more on this as I work hard on making it all happen!!!!
A bit long winded today,aren't I, LOL!!!
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